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Why Claimwise

About us

At Claimwise, we are the only personal injury law firm in Queensland whose mission is to help you save money on your legal fees.

Unlike other personal injury law firms in Queensland, we do the work cheaper, and charge based on where your claim resolves, and not as an ongoing bill.

Our work is still done on a “No Win No Fee” basis, so you’re never out of pocket, but we do it smarter, and without the price tag.

Be smart, claim wise.

We’re on your side

Because our fees are so low, our lawyers don’t have daily billing targets like most firms.

This means that you don’t have to worry about endlessly racking up expensive legal fees if you have questions for us, or need extra support or guidance.

Instead, we’re happy to chat, advise, and give you the personal injury legal service that you deserve.

We care

Once we’ve completed our work, we’ll chat with you about what you want for your claim, and find the right solicitors to resolve it for you.

At Claimwise, we understand that losing up to 50% of your compensation money to legal fees just adds to the stress of your injury. That’s why we’re trying to make “Bill Shock” a thing of the past.

Be smart, claim wise.

Our Values


First. Always.


We do things differently because we believe in what's right.


Advice you understand, and insights to make you smarter.


Because good relationships lead to great results.

Alex Bassingthwaighte

Founder, Principal

I’m the founder and principal solicitor of Claimwise. I’ve been in and around the Personal Injury field for over 5 years, working in both small and nationally-sized law firms.

I’m passionate about helping injured people get the compensation that they deserve, which is why the least satisfying part of my job as a solicitor was billing clients.

I started Claimwise so that I could give injured people a head-start on their personal injury claims by helping them save money on their legal fees during the early and intermediate stages of their claims.

Outside of Claimwise, I’m involved in ecological regeneration, but otherwise you’ll generally find me wiping out on my surfboard around the Coast or in places like Papua New Guinea.