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Man’s Best Friend – Compensation Claims for Pets After Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, despite the special place that our pets play in our lives, people are not able to make personal injury claims in relation to their pets. This means that Queenslanders can be put in difficult positions if their animals are involved in a car accident in which they sustain significant injuries.

Can I make a personal injury claim for myself if a pet is injured or killed in a car accident?

Psychiatric injuries are very common following car accidents. Common types of psychiatric injuries can include PTSD, acute stress reactions, adjustment disorders, anxiety and depression. There are often several causes of psychiatric injuries sustained in car accidents:

  • Whether you have a pre-existing psychiatric injury or vulnerable personality.
  • The nature and extent of the injuries, and any disabilities, that you may have sustained in the car accident.
  • Whether the car accident was particularly violent or traumatic.
  • The state of your individual, personal circumstances at the time of the car accident.

The traumatic death or injury of a pet involved in a car accident can certainly be included as a contributing factor to a psychiatric injury. The most important thing that you can do to have this injury or death included in your personal injury claim is to ensure that you are open and honest with your treatment providers (General Practitioner, Psychologist). Providing that their records reflect the effect that the injury is having on, you will be able to have the psychiatric injury that you’ve sustained because of your pet’s injury or death included in your personal injury claim.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

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