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A Pain in the Rear-End – who is to blame for rear-end car accidents in Queensland.

Rear end car accidents caused by motorists colliding into the back of other motorists are the most common car accidents that occur on Queensland roads.

Reasons for these types of accident include:

  • Motorists speeding.
  • Motorists becoming distracted by map directions, phone usage, broken down or abandoned cars on the side of the road.
  • Car accidents occurring ahead of drivers on the road.
  • Motorists being inattentive in traffic and in general.

Who is to Blame – Two Vehicles, Three Vehicles, Car Parks

Where two cars are involved in a rear end car accident, the driver of the car behind is deemed to be at fault, unless the car accident is a result of the car in front reversing backwards or rolling backwards in to the car behind. In cases of rolling or reversing, it does not matter how close the car behind was to the car in front as the front car has caused the collision.

Where three cars are involved in a rear end car accident, each car is generally only liable for the damage caused to the vehicle in front of them, however, a car at the end of a multi-car pile-up may be liable if their collision with the car in front of them has caused that car to get pushed in to the back of the vehicles ahead.

In car accidents that occur in car parks, the general rule as to who is at fault is based on who is reversing at the time. If only one car is reversing out of a carpark and hits your vehicle from behind,the reversing car is at fault. If, however, both cars are reversing, then they share the fault for the car accident equally.

Car Accident CTP Claims

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